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In this era when man is the slave in the hands of technology, life has become fast-paced and we have lost quality time to dedicate to ourselves. Hospitals have become increasingly crowded and the increased demand for medicines every now and then indicate the rising cases of ailments among the population, the key contributors to such ailments being unwanted stress, tension, worries, depression, unhealthy lifestyle and negativity. And people run from pillar to post in the quest for the key to freedom from these evils that threaten the mind and body. Break your conventional routine lifestyle and set your self free for sometime by gifting yourself a vacation to remember, a vacation with a difference. Wondering how?  The key to you answer lies right here. Read on to unlock it:

Goa and yoga teacher training

Discover happiness and a new you, amidst the elements of nature –the light of life (sun), the earth (sand) and water (sea), by visiting the tropical paradise of Goa  and discover a unique program on 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa  conducted exclusively by Mahamukti Yoga – the number one yoga school in Goa. This is a 28-day long intensive teacher training course which has received an international accreditation from Yoga Alliance U.S, Yoga Alliance UK, and Yoga Alliance International. The course is meant to connect beginners who aspire to become future yoga teachers by providing them a fundamental insight into the details of the subject and teaching methodology . Since our inception in 2015, we have been leading in the field of yoga education while creating expert future yoga teachers who in turn share our ancient yogic teachings with the world at large.

Why choose Mahamukti Yoga School in Goa:

Skilled teachers

Our highly skilled team of yoga teachers will be you friend, philosopher and guide throughout the course and will make you feel at ease. Our dynamic teacher training team, under the leadership of co-founders Yogi Akhilesh Bodhi Ji and Yogi Ajay Ji , have been successfully imparting our globally distinguished Yoga Teacher Training in Goa programs to yoga teacher aspirants and enthusiasts.

A “home away from home”

Our family-like environment will give you a ‘home away from home’ feel during your stay at our premises.  Keeping in view your convenience and happiness, we offer comfortable accommodation with wi-fi facilities and hygienic bathrooms.


Experience true joy, by feeding your palette, body and soul well.  Find simple but mouthwatering sattvic meals on your platter – that truly spell out health and a balanced cuisine prepared with love and care. Treat yourself to a yogic breakfast and lunch and freshly prepared dinner – the authentic Indian way suited to the stomach.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In our yoga school in Goa

Under this program , we create not just graduates but confident yoga teachers equipped with a strong foundation and teaching skills to enter the teaching field in yoga science.

Thus, Mahamukti Yoga – the global leader in the field of yogic education, ensures yoga teacher training in Goa of the highest quality for all levels of yoga practitioners from beginners, intermediate to advanced practitioners at our centres in India and abroad.

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