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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Bali

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We have designed customized packages for your personalized needs. Our yoga teacher training in Bali and yoga retreat in Bali offers a number of courses for those who want to become a yoga teacher in the future. Yoga enthusiasts,are you looking for that perfect vacation that meets your expectations? Is a stress free, relaxing and educative trip that also meets your career goals, your idea of that perfect vacation? Are you inspired by Hollywood to spend that exotic holiday in an island – peaceful and green and with the blue waters around? ‘Bali’ can turn your dream into reality! So this year, don’t forget to add this exclusive destination (and yoga) to your bucket list.

Your next step after you have prepared your bucket list , should be to find out which yoga school is the best one in Bali so that your vacation is worth your time spent. If you google it, you will get a long list of options and finalising your decision would be a tiresome job. To save your time and effort and to avoid the hassle of hunting down on a dozen or more of yoga schools which you are not sure of, read on:

Join Bali Yoga School in Bali

Bali Yoga School is one of the leading school for yoga teacher training in Bali. We are proud to be one of the leading training schools for Yoga teachers .Enrolling in our yoga school in Bali gives you access to the best 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali program , accredited by Yoga Alliance International.

Our focus and unique eminence

Our 200 yoga teacher training in Bali program focuses on the ancient teachings of yoga. Our experienced faculty and their fine tuned teaching methodology empower our students to practice and teach yoga confidently. We believe that yoga is for all ages and levels of experience. The yoga style we teach has a solid and strong foundation that will equip them with the necessary tools to be well versed in the field of yoga teacher training in Bali.


This 200 hour yoga teacher training is internationally recognized and accredited by Yoga Alliance. By completing this course, you will gain the tools to transform your own life and deepen your personal practice of yoga while at the same time be a catalyst of transformation for the people around the world through the means of yoga. The course is designed as a life skills course that leads to yoga beyond the physical practice of asana.


This course addresses many elements of healthy life and well-being. During this intensive course of 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bali, you will find a dynamic environment, and safety for students to deepen profoundly their physical practice. At Bali Yoga School, you will also be able to explore the effect of diet on yoga practice as we encourage you to adhere to a simple and balanced diet during the course through our offering of nutritious vegetarian meals.


Spend your days practicing amidst the sounds of birds and running water, looking at the depths of palm trees and surrounding vineyards. Immerse yourself in the complete experience of Bali and take advantage of the delicious restaurants around.

  • Activites to engage yourself in (optional)
  • Nature hike on Campuhan ridge
  • Visit the “Monkey Forest Temple”
  • Pay a visit to the Tampak s Romantic, the temples of the holy water of Bali

The 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Bali is designed not only for teachers but for anyone who wants to immerse in a month of transformation – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual , through the alchemy of yoga. Thus you leave the course with tools to continue to live a strengthened, balanced and healthy life.

Get in Touch:
Address: Jl. Campuhan III, Singakerta, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Contact: 9760206223

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Why You Should Go For Yoga Teacher Training In Bali

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Bali has always been a popular tourist destination for more than a decade now. Its untouched beauty has attracted a lot of tourists from around the globe which means that tourism is constantly on the rise in this scenic Indonesian island. The majority of the population here is Hindu, called Agama Hindu Dharma, originated from Java and is a blend of Shivaism and Buddhism. This is one of the reasons that Bali is another famous place to practice Yoga because of the ancient Hindu roots. A place where this ancient Indian form of art is understood and practiced to achieve positivity and calmness. The Himalayan Yoga Association’s Yoga Teacher Training School In Bali lays a perfect foundation for our students who wish to practice Yoga at this beautiful place. Our Yoga School in Rishikesh has received a tremendous response for Yoga teacher training programs and we expect the same amount of eagerness from our students in Bali.

The road to attaining mental peace can sometimes be a challenging task but if sincere efforts are put in the results will definitely be positive. At Himalayan Yoga Association in Bali, our mission is to cultivate self-transformation, self-inspiration, and self-discipline through yoga and that is what our highly intellectual and trained Yoga Teacher Training In Bali are here for. With years of experience, they will guide you on the right path to lead a spiritual life ahead.

The Yoga Teacher training program in Bali is an experience of a lifetime, firstly, Bali being such an amazing place which helps you to get close to nature. Then on the other hand, at the Himalayan Yoga Association, the teachers training program gives to so much to explore. Right from learning various ancient forms of meditation to practicing the Yoga asanas. This surreal place surely has something in store for everyone. These are some of the reasons why students are flocking to Bali to learn Yoga Teacher Training In Bali.

The first part of the teaching includes methodology and theoretical information. It involves teachings about practical yoga that are benefits, contraindications, and healthy movement. The Yoga schedule at Himalayan Yoga Association is designed in such a way that it doesn’t get hectic for our students and they get ample time for relaxation. The surroundings are of great help in a place like Bali which allows you to witness the art of Yoga in a better way.

When it comes to why one should opt for Yoga teacher training in Bali at the Himalayan Yoga Association, there are endless reasons why one should not. Above all reasons, Yoga in Bali somewhat comes close to the experience that you get in Rishikesh the Yoga capital of the world. The charm, the vibes the surrounding that Bali offers are definitely what one needs to overcome the hectic life schedule.

We at Himalayan Yoga Association look forward to seeing you in Bali for the teacher training program. We hope that you have a wonderful experience by giving the chance to serve you.

Get in Touch:
Address: Jl. Campuhan III, Singakerta, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Contact: 9760206223

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10 Reasons You Should Get Your Yoga Teacher Training In Bali

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If you are a native English speaker (American, Australian, British, Canadian, or even New Zealander), you can get certified to become an English instructor whilst shooting a 3-week class in Bali – the exotic island in Indonesia where Eat, Pray Love has been filmed. We are recognized as the best yoga school in Bali for yoga, meditation and yoga retreat in Bali.

We provide you 10 reasons why you need to take your own TEFL/TESOL class in exotic Bali.

1) The sunsets

Bali is known for its stunning sunsets. The sky is painted orange, purple, blue, as the sun drops to the horizon. Grab the sunset at the Kuta area, or in the Tanah Lot temple, or even if you enjoy something more upscale, then in the Rock Bar – a bar built on top of a pond at the Jimbaran area of Bali.

2) The beaches

Bali is also known for its fantastic white sandy beaches and enormous waves, perfect for surfing. The weather is sunny almost all of the time! Check out Dreamland shore, Amed shore, Sanur beach and more, much more. Bear in mind the Bali’s an island, so that there are scores of lovely, sandy beaches that you bask on!

3) The views

You will find all those postcard-perfect viewpoints in Bali which you just can not find anyplace else. Take a Look at temples like Tanah Lot Temple, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Besakih Temple, nightclubs and pubs like Rock Bar, Potatohead, and picturesque sights like the Mount Batur volcano, as well as also the padi fields of Ubud.

4) The folks

The Balinese are a few of the funniest, quickest and most religious people on the planet. Most tourists come back from Bali with an Excellent impression of the Balinese. Customer service in Bali is real and true, and the Balinese are a really thankful, family-oriented community. There is just no way to place their kindness into phrases – you merely have to experience Balinese hospitality on your own.

5) The meals

No visit to Bali is complete without tasting any neighborhood Indonesian delights for example Pepes Ikan (steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf), Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Satay. For cheap possibilities, and authentic adventures, have a look at warungs (little, local-run food stalls) rather than restaurants.

6) Yoga, sports, meditation, diving

The Bali community is big on keeping your system healthy in addition to the brain. There’s a massive yoga after in Bali, and sometimes you could also locate free yoga classes at public parks. There are numerous sports activities like surfing, white-water rafting, ATV riding. Bali is also home to magnificent diving areas.

7) The nightlife scene

Bali’s nightlife scene is excellent, with lots of world class DJs coming to see every couple weeks. Take a Look at nightspots like Sky Garden, Mint, and Club Pyramid.  Yoga Teacher Training in Bali by incorporating the traditional teachings techniques.

8) The reduced price of… pretty much every thing

There’s an inexpensive alternative for everything in Bali if you know where to look. And if items are not cheap, the prices are usually negotiable. Keep away from touristy places for the best prices, and use Bali-related Facebook groups and forums to find information from the expats who actually reside in Bali.

9) The Eat, Pray, Love experience

Just like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love, Bali is a refuge for single female travelers because its comparatively secure, provides many different actions, and is a more natural and religious heaven.

10) A hop, a skip, a ship or airplane ride away

Bali is also a fantastic base to explore Indonesia. You are able to choose a budget flight out of Bali into Indonesia’s bustling capital, Jakarta or even have a boat ride to Lombok or even the distant Gili islands, (in which there isn’t any transportation allowed and chief transport is horse transportation!)