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A yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is something worth your time and money that you invest in. Being in a new location will give you a good break from your hectic day-to-day work schedule and the time to meet new faces who share similar views with you as they also attempt to take a break from their routine lives. If you are new to a yoga teacher training program and Rishikesh, it is obvious to have some apprehensions in the beginning as you will be unknown to something new in your life. However, just keep an open mind and gear up to face the new changes and embrace the challenges with a smile. Prepare a checklist to help you remember to pack all the essentials that you need to carry along with you for your yogic voyage to Rishikesh. Yoga School in Rishikesh – a leading yoga school in Rishikesh recommends asiring yogis, a list of items that could be handy:

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1.Yoga Clothing

While packing your yoga clothing, keep in mind the duration of your stay and the weather. The evening hours and ocean breeze of a tropical location might call for a long sleeve attire. Rather than being a fashionista, for travel purposes it is best to include mix and match items in your luggage to make it light but handy enough.


2.Yoga mat

A lightweight mat for your yoga practice comes in really handy. You can carry it along with you everywhere including the beach to just sit and laze around or give yourself a suntan! A yoga mat carrier too is a good idea for the ease and comfort of carrying around with you.


3.Small towel

The chances of slipping off due to sweat dripping down during your asana practice could be a great disturbance. But you can avoid this unwanted situation by just having a small towel beside you to wipe off the distraction and keep the smooth flow of your yoga practice going good.


4. Sunscreen

Sun, sand, sea and the sun-tan. Bali is where these are at their best. So don’t forget to carry your sunscreen with you to ensure protection of your skin from the harmful ultra-violet rays.


5. Sunglasses

A pair of your favourite sunglasses preferably ones that will cling to your head and not fall off while working out outdoors, will have to be added to your list of necessities while heading for the beaches.


6. Journal

This is to pen down your thoughts on anything that inspires you during your yoga teacher training program in Bali and keep them as recorded memories you can relate to in the future.


7. Water Bottle

Hydration is absolutely must particularly when you are on your yogic venture. A reusable water bottle will do the work as it will be very handy during this time.


8. Positive attitude

A positive attitude along with an open mind is what you also need to carry with you for a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh ! Staying in the present is what counts more. So just keep a calm mind and patience to carry on with your venture and practice of yoga.


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